Abacus has launched a new YouTube channel…

...for the design and build of the perfect bathroom.


HomeBoost from Salamander Pumps is the perfect solution if you are experiencing poor mains water pressure or flow either directly or indirectly via your combi boiler or mains pressure fed system.

Conex Bänninger 110 years

Conex Bänninger is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plumbing fittings and valves.

Why are you proud?

What makes you proud to be a professional installer?

CircofloPro – Bespoke kits to suit any size UFH installation

CircofloPro has responded to changing demand from the plumbing and professional heating installer market by refining its trade offering.

Video overviews: Mark Vitow’s FlowPro range of macerators

Mark Vitow has produced a range of videos to help merchants and installers become more familiar with its exclusive range of high-quality macerators

Pre plumbed bathroom working wall

Introducing the pre plumbed bathroom working wall from Abacus for multi bathroom installation.

Scruffs ‘Masters of Vertigo’…

...industry first 360° film.

What skills can a professional installer offer?

Behind every UK heating system is a heating professional like you, working hard to ensure the system does its job efficiently, whilst giving customers full control.

Adrian Burton – AKA Ask Ady – reviews…Snickers’ Floorlayers Trousers.

Adrian Burton, owner of Southeast Workwear and creator of Ask Ady, reviews Snickers’ Floorlayers Trousers.