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Photovoltaic-Thermal collectors launched by NIBE

NIBE Energy Systems has launched a new Photovoltaic-Thermal (PV-T) and Heat Pump solution to transform a NIBE “ground-source” heat pump product into a "multi-source" heat pump product

Legal & General boosts investment in Kensa Group

The Kensa Group, UK manufacturer and installer of ground source heat pumps, today announced Legal & General Capital has made a further £8 million investment into the company, bringing LGC’s total investment to £15.7 million over two years

HPA calls for stronger government ties with heating industry

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) has published a call for a strong partnership between Industry and government to transform Britain’s domestic heating market towards heat pumps as new fossil fuel boilers are phased out

Japan commits to blue hydrogen ambition

Chris Goggin of Rinnai explores Japan’s future energy ambitions to introduce blue hydrogen as its national energy source and how this move could facilitate the fuel being a viable international solution towards decarbonisation

Rinnai aims for Net Zero before 2050

Rinnai has released its global “Innovation Manifesto,” which plots a path towards Net Zero emissions by 2050, without negating quality in product design, innovation and customer value for money

MCS responds to PAC report on Green Homes Grants

Ian Rippin, CEO at MCS, has today responded to the Public Accounts Committee report on the Green Homes Grant, and how the Boiler Upgrade Scheme must mark an improvement

Minister experiences virtual heat pump vision

Energy and Climate Change Minister Lord Callanan has been taken on a virtual tour of a Glaswegian street powered entirely by ground source heat pumps from Kensa

EUA report tracks cost of green energy switch

A new report published today by the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) has found customers are typically facing a five-fold cost increase to install a heat pump compared to a hydrogen-ready boiler

Rinnai: There is no Plan(et) ‘B’…or ‘C’  

Rinnai is creating a healthier way of living and believes co-operation and unity of action needed to achieve decarbonisation goal

Green Homes Grant scheme requires TrustMark registration

Home energy saving improvements carried out under the new government’s Green Homes Grant scheme must be completed by a TrustMark Registered Business, it has been announced