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Reader rarely uses knee pads…

...despite 65 years on the job.

Unsurprised by lack of progress

Colin Salter, from Hertfordshire, says he’s not surprised by the findings about the lack of progress in home energy efficiency.

A letter from one of our readers

Kevin Wilson offers his take on the skills shortages issue

Having a say on the future of heating

HPM reader says that one size fits all does not work for rural communities

A letter from one of our readers, Gasmanni

Gasmanni tells the editor about a nightmare customer and poses a question to HSENI and Gas Safe.

A letter from one of our readers, Clive King, responding to...

A very interesting letter from @betateach and I totally concur with most of what he/she says, especially with regards to experience versus paper qualifications

A letter from one of our readers, @betateach

If you have ever been asked what would you save in a fire, my answers are all pieces of paper: my passport, a map, and a letter from Jeremy Hawksley, director general of OFTEC.

Installer questions Boiler Plus

Can load and weather compensation be a major improvement?

Apprenticeships are a viable option

Letter from Anne Timpany, director of On Tap Plumbers.