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Is the future plastic piping?

The Copper Alliance adds its voice

Having a say on the future of heating

HPM reader says that one size fits all does not work for rural communities

A letter from one of our readers, Chris Lund

We received this letter from Chris Lund, who writes to us about a pet peeve of his.

Installer questions Boiler Plus

Can load and weather compensation be a major improvement?

Dedication to the industry

Heating and plumbing engineer still going strong after 57 years

A letter from one of our readers, Clive King, responding to...

A very interesting letter from @betateach and I totally concur with most of what he/she says, especially with regards to experience versus paper qualifications

A letter to the editor about the demise of Carillion

Retired oil heating consultant Clive King hopes CIPHE stick to their word about taking on Carillion apprentices

A letter from one of our readers

Kevin Wilson offers his take on the skills shortages issue

Reader rarely uses knee pads…

...despite 65 years on the job.