“Getting this country back to its original position as a world leader in manufacturing and innovation”

I am delighted that Charlie Mullins OBE has received due recognition for his true professionalism from Her Majesty The Queen. I have always admired the way in which he has run his company and now he advises Her Majesty’s government on apprenticeship operations I am even more pleased. Lord Sugar’s programme makes good, entertaining television but by no stretch of the imagination could one call them apprentices.

I also have to agree with Tony Brunton’s letter regarding academic achievements for practical operators. If you put these two gentlemen’s ideas together you have a powerful argument for getting this country back to its original position in the world: a world leader in manufacturing and innovation which leads to increased sales and less reliance on the Common Market.

I blame the parents and secondary school teachers for not allowing their offspring to find their own levels, but encouraging them to ‘go to university, you’ll get a much better job and a large salary’. Funny how that seems to terminate in a shelf-stackers job at ASDA!


Clive King

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