A letter from one of our readers

Having read your article about the plumbing and heating skills shortage and so called poor training surveyed by Hep20 (HPM July 2018), I noticed that it appeared that potential employers were not consulted about why they were not taking on apprentices. Why not? As this is the reason for a skills shortage.

I know the shortages are due to a lack of work placements not a lack of poor training as training providers rely on employers employing plumbing students in order to get the necessary funding to teach new apprentice students.

College training is fit for purpose as it is City & Guilds approved through NVQ assessment and training.

Colleges have the lectures, classrooms and workshops to scale up an increase in new recruits, but it will not happen as potential employers are NOT looking to scale up their plumbing businesses for various reasons, such as employment bureaucracy with the overall cost of employing an apprentice.

I really feel the article has missed some crucial points along with crucial information.
Certainly, it is NOT inadequate training.

Regards, Kevin Wilson

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