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Worcester Bosch offers some top tips to help re-establish the connection...

Have the lines of communication between your customer’s boiler and controls been cut? Martyn Bridges, director of technical communication and product management, presents a quick troubleshooting guide to open up the dialogue.

Don’t get cross with crossed pipes

Worcester, Bosch Group offers some simple advice to help heating engineers who may encounter the problem.

System boilers vs regular boilers

Worcester Bosch provide common installation scenarios

Top tips for protecting boilers from condensate backfill

Worcester Bosch’s director of technical communication and product management, Martyn Bridges, offers advice for protecting condensing boilers from the effects of heavy rain.

Make sure you’re ‘Ready to Burn’

Woodsure offers five tips to get the most of your woodburner.

Shower specification checklist for council housing

Tina Simpson at Triton Showers offers a five-point checklist of all the things which should be considered when choosing a shower to help achieve the perfect fit.

How to use digital marketing to your advantage

Joseph Valente, former Apprentice winner and founder of boiler installation company ImpraGas, explains the importance of digital reach and its place in marketing for success, sharing the variety of ways you can improve your strategy and reach customers old and new.

Water treatment: do’s and don’ts

Worcester, Bosch Group’s top tips for successful heating system water treatment.

Dodgy energy meters: What should you do?

If you suspect that a homeowner's energy supply is at risk or have suspicions about anything you’ve seen but don’t know what to look for, keep an eye out for some of the following signs of tampering.

Three ways to keep an unvented hot water cylinder clean

George Linder gives his best tips on how best to ensure an unvented hot water storage system remains free from contaminants