neXgen helps solve issues with stuck and failed washers

HPM Homegrown sponsor Tesla UK has released a new solution to help plumbing and heating engineers up and down the UK facing continual issues with stuck, jammed or failed washers within their drain off cocks, causing delays and potential damage to properties.

The neXgen drain off cock is suitable for draining hot and cold water, heating system water and glycol/antifreeze from your solar systems, Tesla explained. The neXgen range looks very similar from the outside but the clever technology is housed internally. The one-piece insert is a “complete overhaul on the traditional and outdated design which has serviced the country for many years”.

The one-piece inner moves in and out of the body and doesn’t rely on spindles, washers or fiddly moving parts that are subjected to debris and corrosion over the years. The acetal inner is low-friction and made from high-wear resistance material with high strength and stiffness properties. It also provides a wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to 120 °C) making it the perfect material for the job.

Available in three different variations, Tesla has the standard 15mm item, suitable for solder and compression; the long tail version, which is suitable for press fit, push fit, solder and compression; and the premium version, which is also suitable for these applications but has the added benefit of the hozelock connection.

The hozelock connection on the premium DOC enables quick connection with your hose pipe when you are attempting to drain down the system but is also an ideal connection for engineers when you are looking to fill or flush the system, the company said.

“The product range was released in June 2022 and has been received very positively by the installers and is already making its way into all good merchants and stockists,” a statement added.