Installers Union continues to grow

Growth continues for Installers Union
Growth continues for Installers Union
Growth continues for Installers Union
Growth continues for Installers Union

Well, firstly, the good news. We are growing in strength, our Facebook group is continuing to grow, with new members of our industry joining daily.

Currently on that group alone we have 955 members offering their voice, discussing faults within our industry together and equally! If you’re on Facebook and not yet a member get involved, look us up at Installers Union, join us and help us grow further.

The group’s aim as always is unity of all Gas Safe Registered (GSR) installers. The administrators post information regarding quango movements, industry information as we discover it and ask members to highlight industry topics that need addressing, issues we can work together raise and address properly. As a group we promote unity, no negativity. It’s about us GSR’s being united being ready and prepared to work together…

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals”

This mantra is something we strongly believe in, it is what will give us the strength together to be listened to and change the way the quangos and suits see us. They will have to acknowledge we are the industry, there is a need for us to be consulted equally.

We have forged some good relationships with a few organisations, those who accept the want for frontline GSR’s to have a voice.

We’ve recently spent a little time digging around. Making contact with certain industry related figures spreading our message to them! Explaining who we are, our aims and objectives.

The point we keep on pushing is why is a front line GSR, a member of our group, not present during the meetings behind closed doors that affect our lives and industry? Why are the minutes to these meetings not available to those whom are affected the most?

Times are changing our industry is changing, we are making waves and being noticed. There are some we have contacted who appear more agreeable to the fact we are here supported by you all.

Others are yet to be convinced, but we will continue and when those quangos push changes at our industry without consulting the GSR’s affected first, or when we get through that changes are needed to improve our industry we will be there with you supplying you with the details, asking opinions, discussing these and, if needed, requesting your involvement to work together to resolve whatever comes our way.