RA Tech secures product prize for hotun detect

RA Tech UK has kickstarted a new product launch by winning the HVR Awards Ancillary Product of the year accolade with hotun detect.

RA Tech launched the next generation of the hotun family, hotun detect in the early part of this year.

hotun detect was described as a world first in tundish, water detection, temperature sensing, audible and visual alarm system, automatically letting homeowners know if any relief valve water has passed from the system through the tundish – indicating that there is something wrong with their boiler or unvented water heater.

The judges noted that “hotun detect is innovative and at the set price point is accessible to all, a simple idea that will alert homeowners to an issue that may have gone unnoticed until it caused significant damage and with its diagnostic function, technicians can triage the problem over the phone thus speeding up repair time”.

Russell Armstrong, pictured, managing director and the inventor of hotun and hotun detect, said: “We are building a team of dedicated people to help bring our vision to market, entering competitions and getting awards validates our teams success, so winning this accolade with our latest innovation, hotun detect, is an amazing achievement

“The hotun dry-trap tundish not only made it easier to route the relief valve discharge to drain, it also made diagnosing that the valve had discharged simpler too. By enabling this step change from passive to active warning, remedial work can be carried out before a breakdown or other serious problem, saving time and money for installers, homeowners and commercial building managers. It also works to prevent water wastage and excessive corrosion in heating systems due to make up water being continually added.”


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