Alcumus is providing support and advice to organisations impacted by COVID-19

All organisations have been impacted by COVID-19. Many are fighting for survival. Alcumus is supporting the ‘Going The Distance’ campaign to provide help and guidance where needed. Whether that is increasing your presence to win new commercial contracts through SafeContractor, or to offer support and care for your staff through these uncertain times with PSM.


With COVID-19 all businesses are reviewing their working practices and the needs of their marketplace. That is likely to mean your customers will be making lots of decisions in the coming weeks and months. This could mean an increase in available work; it might mean a reduction.

Joining the SafeContractor scheme as a supplier allows you to demonstrate your capability, skills and experience for your given areas of expertise. As a nationally recognised brand, SafeContractor helps you to differentiate from the competition based on quality rather than price.

You will also be immediately visible to the 470 major UK clients that use SafeContractor. These will be going through their own reactivation processes in the coming months and likely to need further support from suppliers.

Many of the 33,000 suppliers have built relationships with three-or-more large clients as a result of SafeContractor membership. Five with SafePQQ.

Gemma Archibald, Managing Director at SafeContractor, said: “Whilst businesses will come under increased pressure, we expect Health and Safety and Quality Management to remain a key consideration in both sourcing and managing supply chains. We are working tirelessly through these challenging times to do our bit to keep the economy going by connecting suppliers and contractors with organisations that need them.”


As an employer, you have a duty of care to support the physical and mental wellbeing (Health & Safety at Work Act & CSR policy) of your people. COVID-19 has created a disparate work force. Each employee will be experiencing new challenges (both professional and domestic) as a result.

Alcumus PSM employs H&S, HR and employment law experts who support hundreds of businesses every day to deal with the practical application of the COVID-19 guidelines and help navigate the impact it’s had on their business and people.

PSM provide 24/7 phone based and online advice and guidance on all employee related matters. So you have access to trusted advice to call upon whenever you need it.

Our subject matter experts have created a COVID-19 guidance hub for employers which help you through most likely scenarios, including a COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance Pack and FAQs on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Our advice provides a best practice approach, so your process is clear and efficient.

“Supported staff are more engaged, more productive and more likely to want to come back to work,” added Gemma.

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