Intelligent heating made simple

The heating is controlled using the Danfoss Eco App

The heating is controlled using the Danfoss Eco App

The second-generation Eco radiator thermostat from Danfoss has arrived.

The new Eco provides effortless heating control using the Danfoss Eco App to programme individual radiator thermostats via Bluetooth technology.

Offering an easy and cost-effective transition to intelligent heating for homes and small commercial premises, Eco ensures optimum comfort and potential savings of up to 30% on heating bills.

In addition to the energy saving benefits for end-users, Danfoss Eco is purpose-designed to be fast and simple to install by a professional heating installer in new and replacement applications.

The Danfoss Eco App makes it easy for end-users to programme the heating to suit their daily schedule and keep rooms comfortably warm when occupied, and cooler when empty.

As a further benefit, the new Danfoss Eco radiator thermostat is compatible with 90% of all radiator valves, while also said to be boasting the best-in-class noise performance at less than 30dBA.