The HortiStick a Three-in-One Instrument…

The HortiStick
The HortiStick
The HortiStick

The new HortiStick from Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) is a three-in-one instrument that combines pH, conductivity (mS) and temperature measurement, into one, easy to use instrument.

Ideal for horticultural and hydroponics applications, the unit simultaneously displays the nutrient concentration together with either pH or temperature.  The HortiStick is ideal for testing water and water based solutions and processes.

Featuring two clear LCD displays the unit indicates pH and temperature over the range of 0 to 14 pH and 0ºC to 49.9°C. The HortiStick incorporates automatic temperature compensation, a one-touch auto-calibration feature, as well as a user selectable backlight and display hold. The HortiStick is powered by four AA batteries (supplied) and an auto-power off facility maximises battery life.

The HortiStick is designed for everyday use and ideal during the mixing and stirring of solutions. Housed in a rugged, water resistant case, the HortiStick has a built-in shock resistant sensor offering IP65 protection.  For prolonged use, an economical replacement electrode is available.

The HortiStick is competitively priced at £99, exclusive of VAT and carriage and is available direct from: