Combi power flushing adapter launched

Clean and Clear Powerflushing Company

Clean and Clear Powerflushing Company

The Clean and Clear Powerflushing Company has designed and developed the very first diverter valve adapter.

A simple idea revolutionising the way engineer’s powerflush combi boilers, this adapter allows the domestic hot water heat exchanger to be cleaned without the removal of it or the pump head.

The adapter allows circulating water and chemicals to pass through both the domestic hot water heat exchanger, and main heat exchanger at the same time cleaning both the hot water and main heat exchangers simultaneously.

The EMPF 1 adapter fits most common diverter valves, those used by the majority of boiler manufacturers. The adapter which is simple to use – with no wires to disconnect or parts to remove – reduces the likelihood of accidental damage to the combi boiler and is able to be used time and time again.

The powerflushing machine is connected outside the combi boiler, meaning the radiators and combi boiler can now be cleaned separately letting the powerflushing machine work to its full potential.

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