Ariasilent, a revolution in the ventilation system


Residential comfort and high performances are the backbone of the project that led to the development of a new standard when it comes to Heat Recovery Ventilation.

A few months ago Valsir launched on the market AriaSilent, a system that stands out thanks to its huge flexibility and optimization features, and aims to transform the design and the installation of an HRV system into something simple and intuitive, without jeopardizing the performances and the versatility of a product which – also thanks to the growing attention towards indoor well-being and hygiene – addresses a market which is much more aware of this topic, compared to few years ago.

AriaSilent uses double-wall corrugated conduits round shaped (ø63, ø75 and ø90 mm) and oval shaped (50×102 and 55×126 mm).

These conduits allow the installation in any context, from new buildings to renovations where finding extra room for installation of new systems might be an issue. Thanks to this flexibility, the installation of the system becomes possible thanks to a minimal employ of fittings.

Another key element of the system are the distribution boxes, conceived to ensure an optimal allocation of the air flows to all the available outlets. They are based on a patent (the air-flow distribution baffle one) and they are available in three configurations:

• Standard, max 18 connections

• Compact, only 11 cm thick

• Therm, equipped with an inner thermal insulation that ensures the perfect combination of the HRV system with HRV units with dehumidification and thermal integration features.

The distribution boxes have tear-off openings – also patented – that allow to open and use exclusively the needed ones. The connection between this element and the corrugated conduit is performed thanks to the universal AriaSilent Link fittings, one each conduit shape and size, which are exchangeable and allow using the same distribution box regardless the shape or size of the AriaSilent Tube conduit.