Aqualisa introduce Lumi and Sassi

British designed, Lumi and Sassi Electric showers are brand new from Aqualisa this spring. Developed in-house by Aqualisa’s designers Aaron Bourne and Simon Cornelius, they deliver showering that is individual. And, if you thought an electric shower was little more than a box on the wall, then it’s time to think again.

Lumi features a band of adjustable LED light across its mirrored glass and chrome-trimmed body. Sassi, meanwhile, brings a pop of colour in the form of a choice of interchangeable coloured glass mosaic inlays – white comes as standard, with alternatives of pink/white, stone/white, black/white and blue/white to choose from.

A sensory touch start/stop and contemporary brushed stainless steel temperature control mean Lumi and Sassi are both intuitive and simple to use.

With no complicated heat settings and the combination of Aqualisa’s patented Over Temperature Protection technology and a phased shutdown, Lumi and Sassi Electric deliver safe, consistent temperatures. The technology keeps temperatures stable and helps to protect users from selecting dangerously high temperatures.

A phased shutdown feature flushes leftover hot water through the shower – preventing hot water hangovers for consecutive users – and helping to minimise the build-up of limescale, which can damage an electric shower’s heating element.

When it comes to installation, Lumi and Sassi are straightforward and are ideal for every bathroom scheme from a new ensuite to a family bathroom. They come complete with 105mm, five spray Harmony Electric shower heads and are available as 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW units.

Intuitive functionality comes as standard with Lumi and Sassi. The showers feature minimalistic controls with a sensory touch control and a simple, brushed stainless steel temperature control.

Lumi and Sassi are suitable for new and refurbishment projects; its large footprint and clever internal design with multiple cable/water entry points makes them a versatile choice.

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