AvantiGas address skills gap

avantigasWhile AvantiGas is continuing to grow, it also has a need for new young talent to maintain skill levels and minimise the impact of an ageing workforce within the sector.

One way of bridging this skills gap is to offer apprenticeships within the organisation. The biggest challenge is finding the right people. EU Skills’ small to medium businesses (SME) Networks has enabled AvantiGas to find apprentices quickly and easily, through advertising and handling of the application process.

The energy and utilities industries are currently experiencing severe skills shortages, particularly in technical and practical expertise.

According to a UKCES Employer Skills Survey, 81.5% of all gas utilisation vacancies are due to a lack of skills within the applicant pool. A large proportion of the skills expected to be required in 2030 do not exist within the current workforce. Employers are not currently aware of the need to invest in skills development in these areas.

AvantiGas has set out to find apprentices quickly and easily to address its shortage in critical skills. To do this, AvantiGas went to EU Skills for help. Through EU Skills’ SME Networks, it was able to source a number of talented young people who fully met its requirements.

Brandon Moore, an LPG Engineering apprentice at AvantiGas, has been working towards a mechanical engineering qualification and has completed training courses to give him the skills needed to join the AvantiGas workforce.

Brandon said:

“The most important skill to have in this role is problem solving. Each job is going to be different and you’re going to face different obstacles so it’s important to plan ahead to ensure the job is completed correctly.”

Trainee engineer, Temitayo Borisade, another employee that AvantiGas has sourced through the SME Networks, said:

“I love the fact that my job allows me to travel to different sites. Drawing up piping and instrumentation diagrams has exposed me to the use of specialised equipment used at gas plants.”

When asked one piece of advice he would give to someone seeking a career in gas engineering, Temitayo replied:

“Be willing to learn. There is a huge amount of engineering that goes on within the oil and gas industry to enable productivity, efficiency and ultimately profitability without compromising safety.”

The skills gap is a very real issue that companies across the sector must face up to.

By starting to bring young people into the workforce now, AvantiGas is leading the way in addressing the skills deficit and tackling the recruitment challenge faced by the sector head on.

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