Abode launches Tempeau

abodeRaising awareness of the dangers of hot water in the home was the basis of a debate and press conference linked to the last Bathroom Manufacturer Association conference. Amanda Redman MBE, actress and Patron of the Children’s Burns Trust, who was badly burned as a child, attended the campaign launch to raise awareness of the dangers of hot water in the home and to promote how thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) can help to drastically reduce the risks of scalding, specifically in the bathroom.

The 2010 Building Regulations state all new build homes must have devices fitted to baths to limit the water temperature to a maximum of 48ÂșC. However, within the existing housing stock the householder must take responsibility for ensuring that TMV’s are fitted into the bathrooms if they wish to have them, as it is not a legal requirement, especially if there are very young or older people living in the property.

With this is mind Abode, the bathroom tap and shower manufacturer, designed and patented a thermostatic valve product called Tempeau, a bathing and showering system designed to co-ordinate with 11 of their contemporary ranges of bathroom brassware.

Tempeau is specifically for UK-style deck mounted baths, UK water pressure and meets with UK building regulations. It is simple and safe to use, with a wide range of styles and configurations. It delivers thermostatic safety to both bathing and showering experiences alike and is significantly faster and easier to install and maintain, compared to existing wall-mounted solutions. It also allows users to obtain the best possible flow performance from low pressure hot water systems and, finally, is simple to understand and order.

The result is an easy to install, carefully selected combination of bathing and showering kits, where all the clever stuff is hidden away under the bath.

To learn more about the benefits of how the Tempeau thermostatic bathing and showering system works, you can watch a short explanatory video, which is on our new website: www.abode.eu. Click on Downloads/Company videos/Tempeau video.

All your customer has to do, is choose the style of kit configuration and the design of the hand wheels, either from the Abode brochure, from the plumber/installer, or on line at www.abode.eu

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