The new water labelling ‘industry’ initiative

Plumb Center explains how to sell bathrooms the smarter way
Plumb Center explains how to sell bathrooms the smarter way

Europe is heading towards drought conditions. So the role of the installer is even more crucial in getting people to be more water conscious. The European bathroom industry is now in the consultation stages of creating one simple label. So how will this help you?

Age? About to be born.

Appearance? Flying solo and bursting with colour.

Do you mean Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? No, we’re talking about ‘Water’.

I’d rather have a coffee thanks. No, ‘Water’ is the proposed name for the new labelling initiative formed under the recently created informal platform called the European Bathroom Forum and is taking a ‘Best of Both’ approach.

Why does the industry need another water label? That’s the thing, it’s not about having another label, it’s about taking what’s already there and consolidating the two existing schemes; WELL and European Water Label. In doing so, it aims to alleviate industry confusion and ultimately influence consumers’ purchasing and behaviour.

I like the sound of that, some customers are difficult to convince. And that’s part of the problem. Research shows that consumers’ perception of daily use of water is about 20% of their actual usage and, what’s more, water-using products account for over 60% of water used in the domestic environment. However, having an easy-to-understand, consumer friendly label will help drive efficiency measures, ensuring the end user has greater knowledge of how much water they’re using.

How can you ensure this one is going to keep things simple? A host of research has already been going on behind the scenes from technical, marketing and organisation perspectives. The three working groups were carried out with the full support from major bathroom manufacturers.

I’m on board. So what happens next? Industry leaders are now collectively working towards establishing this one scheme that is open to all, easy to understand, and provides national governments and the European Commission with a solution that reflects the complexities of the industry. In the meantime, Plumb Center is encouraging installers to keep the water saving conversation flowing this plumbing season, and to direct any queries on water saving products to their local branch team.

Don’t say: “This isn’t for me.”

Do say: “One label = more energy efficiency conversations = more business.”

Find our more in a future article…

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