…why industry awards are more than an ego boost

Plumb Center explains how to sell bathrooms the smarter way
Plumb Center explains how to sell bathrooms the smarter way
Shaun Scott, Plumber of the Year 2016
Shaun Scott, Plumber of the Year 2016

Age: You can’t really tell when someone’s shining so bright! We need sunglasses…

Appearance: Struts their stuff, full of pride (not arrogance might we add), and are generally a happy chappy.

So are they walking around like they know it all? Well, they kind of do. They’ve recently won an industry award for being so darn good at
their job.

Well, there’s a lot of us that are ‘good’ at our jobs. Why should they get an award? Being proactive is the key to success, if you ask us. Sometimes, when you do a good job it’s worth shouting about. It makes you feel good and gives you a positive outlook, pushing yourself to do even bigger and better things.

Ok, so say I enter an award and win it, how else can my working life be improved? I can think of lots of things that make me feel good *eye roll*… From winning the award lots more people know who they are. They have grown their business, acquired new customers, increased their current customers’ spend, and most importantly, ramped up turnover…Cha-ching!

Hmm…so you can get your name out there, grow your existing customer base AND stack more cash? Come on, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. You just need to take some time out to think about why you deserve to win…don’t forget to sell yourself.

Ok, but I’m not a salesman – how on earth do I go about selling myself? Think about your qualities (apart from being a catch and the funniest installer around), why do customers choose you to do the job? Have a think about what is it that you enjoy about your job and give some examples of your best work. Have any customers given you good feedback? If so, share it.

Right, I think I’m ready. What awards are available for me to enter? Well, it just so happens that the Plumber of the Year competition is back for a third year. The search has already begun to find the finest plumber of 2017 with £10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Sounds good. How do I enter? All you need to do is fill out a short form online explaining one job which makes you stand out and really shows off what you can do. A judging panel made up of experts will then shortlist the best 15, who will go to a public vote. There’s a lot of talent within the plumbing industry, it’s important that it gets recognised! Keep an eye on @UKPOTY on Twitter or enter at: www.ukplumberoftheyear.com/apply.

Do say: Vote for me, I’m darn good at my job.

Don’t say: Awards are for losers.

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