Plumbers have the second-highest gender pay gap, research finds


Plumbers rank as the trade with the second-largest gender pay gap within the industry, according to new research.

Magnet Trade analysed ONS data, and information from The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) to find out where the UK really stands when it comes to the gender pay gap in self-employed trade professions.

Plumbers had one of the highest average trade salaries, earning on average £53,824 a year. However the pay gap between genders was also very high in the survey, with females earning £18.10 compared to males £25.88 an hour. This equated to a loss of over £16,182 a year for women in the plumbing trade compared to their male counterparts.

Magnet Trade’s data found that, with women earning 43% less than men in self-employed jobs, that for trade jobs, men charged £7 more an hour on average than women. In terms of the hourly rate, on average, this is £23 for self-employed men compared to £16 for women.

Across all industry trades, men were earning an average of £700,000 more across a working lifetime compared to women, it found.

When looking at just one year, men earned £14,000 more compared to women in the self-employed trade industry, according to the research.

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