ecobuild confirms changes for 2018 show

The futurebuild districts logo
The futurebuild districts logo
The futurebuild districts logo
The futurebuild districts logo

ecobuild owner, Futurebuild Events, has revealed more details about the futurebuild districts which have been created following feedback that the event had lost its way in previous years.

The unique districts will showcase cutting-edge industry innovations and help tackle head-on the big issues facing the built environment.

A clear message from the industry following the 2017 event was that ecobuild needed to evolve and become more relevant. Futurebuild Events has listened and the futurebuild districts have been developed to surround the eco showcases and feed into the main conference programme which has sustainability at its heart.

Together they will allow the most innovative, exciting and inspiring brands, companies and speakers to not only discuss the highly topical issues facing the built environment, but also to create an action plan for change. The focus of this plan will be helping to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Each focusing on a distinct, critical segment of the built environment, the futurebuild districts will include:

  • District Energy
  • Building Performance
  • Infrastructure
  • Timber
  • Concrete
  • Offsite
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure
  • Energy and HVAC

As a home to innovation, future thinking and collaboration, the districts will bring together the top people, brands and companies within each of these key areas. The dedicated focus of each district will encourage valuable relationship building and discussion around the big issues shaping the agenda in the built environment.

Martin Hurn, managing director of Futurebuild Events, said: “We want ecobuild to be as relevant and valuable as possible to our exhibitors, visitors and partners, and this is why we’ve created the futurebuild districts.

“All of these areas will play a central role in the evolution of the built environment in the next few years. By giving them the prominence they deserve at ecobuild now, we’re certain we can help to stimulate the conversations and knowledge sharing that will lead to better outcomes in the future.”

The futurebuild districts will explore how innovation can contribute to a better, more sustainable built environment. For example, District Energy will bring together the largest gathering of manufacturers of district energy equipment ever seen in the UK. It will feature key speakers from the forefront of this exciting field to share ideas on how to improve energy efficiency and reliability.

The Green & Blue Infrastructure district will showcase fresh thinking around transforming urban spaces to offer solutions in landscaping, biophilic design and water management. Each of the districts will also offer dedicated features and CPD content.

The futurebuild districts are taking shape, but Futurebuild Events wants to work with industry partners to develop them further. Ultimately the content of both the districts and the overarching direction of the 2018 event will be driven by collaboration with industry. This will involve decisions on speakers, topics and the format of the conference programme, to ensure it is as relevant and valuable as possible.

To share your views on how you want the event to look, contact the ecobuild team on social media using the #yourecobuild hashtag, or email