New year, new opportunities from Greenworks Training Academy

greenworksGreenworks Training Academy is encouraging installers to make energy-efficiency training part of their New Year’s resolutions.

There is now a greater demand for trade professionals to install sustainable technology such as solar panels, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting systems.

A report released by the Energy Saving Trust last year, revealed the UK is using less energy due to advanced technology and government policy.

Despite the boom in smart technology, TVs and computers, the country uses ten per cent less electricity than it did five years ago, which the UK Committee on Climate Change states is due to the tightening of standards and more people becoming aware of wasted energy and how to save money.

With more homeowners turning off radiators in unused rooms and LED bulbs rising in popularity, energy usage will continue to decrease and the demand for sustainable technology will rise.

Greenworks has a range of training courses available to help installers take advantage of the increase in demand, including becoming an energy assessor or a Green Deal advisor, as well as a number of free one-day courses to learn more about the Renewable Heat Incentive and internal wall insulation.

The courses available from Greenworks provide trade professionals with all the in-depth advice, training and support they need to improve their knowledge and understanding of sustainable building solutions in order to open up new business opportunities.

Specialist training companies and manufacturers, who offer knowledge and professional guidance, lead the courses.

Marcus Jefford, from Greenworks, said:

“As part of Greenworks’ commitment to improving the efficiency of the housing stock in the UK, we are continuing to offer a range of courses for trade professionals to install sustainable technology.

“There are a wide range of courses available to anyone who wants to branch out into the energy-efficiency market and Greenworks offers in-depth advice and support along the way.”

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