Installer Bundles offer a route to renewables installers

stromaResearch conducted late last year by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggested that 69% of Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) firms would consider becoming Green Deal Installers. As an approved installer certification body providing MCS, Green Deal Installer Certification (GDI) and Competent Person Schemes (CPS) schemes, Stroma Certification can provide a solution to installers who want to work on a cross-scheme basis. They call these solutions Installer Bundles.

Installer Bundles combine membership of: MCS and GDI; MCS, GDI and CPS; or a number of other installer scheme variations, with the benefit of reducing assessment fees and, thereby, saving on costs. They work by assessing similar measures (e.g. solar PV) for both the Green Deal and Microgeneration schemes within the same assessment visit. Certification can then be granted without having to book a second assessment. The amount saved for an installer can sometimes be up to £500 per year.

The research from DECC highlighted some confusion about whether certain qualifying measures for MCS were also covered under the Green Deal. Stroma’s application process is managed online with a simple form for prospective installers to request the particular measures for which they want to be certified. Free technical support is also part of the service and a dedicated installer team can guide applicants through the process as well as supporting current members throughout the course of their membership.

Stroma Certification’s expertise in software and online development also reflects in its scheme delivery. A one-stop website created specifically for members holds useful scheme documents, a news feed and software download links. Members are provided with an online notification tool to securely manage their Green Deal notifications.

Andy Sharp, commercial manager, said:

“We don’t want our installer members to pay over the odds if they want to reach more customers. The research done by DECC highlights that there is a desire among installers to branch out into multi-scheme membership and that’s exactly what our Installer Bundles offer.”

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