Wilo outlines steps for wiser water usage

Water pump manufacturer Wilo UK has stressed the importance of water conservation and creating innovative, eco-friendly solutions to minimise water wastage and energy.

Precautionary advice for emergency domestic work

A new animation offers guidance to contractors and customers during emergency domestic work.

Dodgy energy meters: What should you do?

If you suspect that a homeowner's energy supply is at risk or have suspicions about anything you’ve seen but don’t know what to look for, keep an eye out for some of the following signs of tampering.

On balance, it’s basic practice

Hydraulic balancing or system balancing is a simple process when commissioning a wet heating system that should be a forefront of industry efforts to increase efficiency in homes across the UK.

Top tips on preventative maintenance during lockdown

Andy Green, technical director at Baxi Heating, has offered advice on how to protect the heating system through a building lockdown, avoiding the risk of legionella.

Coronavirus FAQ for the plumbing industry

Izzy Schulman, director of Plumbers4u, provides some tips for those in the plumbing trade as the COVID-19 outbreak worsens.

Managing health risks within the plumbing industry

To mark World Plumbers Day this week, CE Safety, the health and safety training provider, highlighted the most common health risks for those in the plumbing sector and offer prevention advice.

How to use digital marketing to your advantage

Joseph Valente, former Apprentice winner and founder of boiler installation company ImpraGas, explains the importance of digital reach and its place in marketing for success, sharing the variety of ways you can improve your strategy and reach customers old and new.

Ways to winter-proof the home

During wintertime, it’s important homeowners are not over-reliant on their central heating to keep the house warm. Criterion Flooring explains some of the simple...

Four step guide for frozen condensate pipes

Baxi has helped installers reduce the number of unnecessary frozen condensate callouts when the temperature plummets by providing a four-step guide to share with homeowners.