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STA and PwC launch survey to determine current status of UK...

Companies encouraged to respond to provide clear picture to inform policy

VAT on energy saving materials stays at five per cent

Fears of a hike to 20% averted leaving manufacturers, installers and merchants happy.

Parliamentary ructions over government treatment of solar power

Tories reportedly set to rebel to prevent VAT hike threat to domestic solar.

Scottish solar industry publishes ‘key asks’ for Scottish government…

...containing 20 ideas for how the Scottish government can pave the way for a solar transformation in Scotland.

Solar Trade Association laments Zero Carbon Homes scrapping

Better regulation could see house building and carbon dioxide reductions go hand in hand.

Government statistics show increase in solar installations ahead of cut

Solar can still be a reasonable investment for customers under lower tariffs

Despite reduced tariffs, solar remains a good investment for householders

Solar will save on your energy bills, and potentially add value to your home, say the Solar Trade Association

Feed-in Tariff cut by 64%

Industry cheer as government initially wanted to slash rate by up to 87%

Rudd urged to back British solar in new “Paris Agreement” world

Solar Trade Association concerned by proposals to reduce support for Solar to just £7 million

Threat of major VAT hike for residential solar…

…calling for urgent action from both London and Brussels, say the Solar Trade Association