Panasonic provides 5-star heating and cooling for holiday rentals

Installers, Pinder Cooling + Heating, helped take two holiday rentals to the next level with Panasonic’s Etherea with nanoeX.

The first property is a self-contained flat based near Bradford, and the second is a 2-bed, 2-bath penthouse apartment in the heart of York. Both properties were seeking a highly efficient and discreet solution to maintain heating and cooling levels throughout the year to ensure maximum comfort for guests.

Andrew Pinder, Founder of Pinder Cooling + Heating commented: “Since the pandemic air quality has been a major concern for people when staying outside of their homes. We decided Panasonic’s Etherea with nanoe X would be the ideal solution for these properties thanks to its fantastic heating and cooling abilities and stylish design, plus the fantastic benefits of nanoeX. Not many holiday rentals in the UK even consider air conditioning, let alone going the extra mile with nanoeX technology – this just puts these properties far above the rest.”