Water treatment wizard makes finding the right products easy

sentinelTo achieve long-term protection for heating and hot water systems, professional installers know that it’s important to use the right water treatment products for the particular job at hand – after all, installing a new boiler into an older, heavily corroded and scaled up heating system will require different products to a completely new heating system installation or regular boiler service, for example.

To help installers pick the most effective products for different installations quickly and easily, water treatment specialist, Sentinel, has launched a product selector tool on its website. The tool provides installers with complete, tailored solutions within a matter of seconds.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the product wizard asks users just three questions or fewer, starting with the type of heating system being installed (domestic, commercial, renewable, or underfloor heating). It then requires users to answer a further question or two, depending upon the system conditions. For example, for domestic installations the product selector will ask whether the boiler is being replaced or not before establishing what type of work is to be carried out – i.e. is it a new system installation, a boiler replacement, boiler replacement with jet flush or regular service?

Upon completion of the product wizard – which takes just moments thanks to its design and simplicity of questions – a bespoke selection of products is revealed, providing the user with a definitive list of products that are most suitable and effective for the particular application. What’s more, each product is placed conveniently into a ‘clean’, ‘protect’ or ‘maintain’ category, so that the installer can deliver a complete, best practice water treatment solution – all at the click of a button.

Sentinel provides a range of water treatment products. This new product selector tool helps professional installers achieve durable heating and hot water system protection, therefore reducing callbacks, keeping customers happy and enhancing their business.

Daniel Cheung, UK trade marketing manager for Sentinel, said: “Our focus is to help installers achieve better results, faster and easier than ever before. That’s the idea behind the product selector tool – it allows them to find complete tailored water treatment solutions for particular jobs quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that the Sentinel solution they provide to their customers will not only be exceptional quality, but also the most effective solution possible.”

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