Honeywell revolutionises home thermostats at DHS

honeywellDHS, spares supplier, will now be selling products from Honeywell’s newest range of home thermostats. The Evohome, single zone and voice control systems all represent significant advancements in the domestic thermostat industry.

The Honeywell Evohome base pack for this system includes the Evohome control pad (including interchangeable covers in black, white and silver), a table-top stand, a mains power lead and a BDR91 wireless relay box. Additional accessories include a wall mounted stand, can be purchased separately and are available, via DHS. With a two-hour battery life and a LCD full colour touch screen, with multiple settings for personalisation, the Evohome control pad offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces available on the market. Whether you have a single zone or multiple zone home setup, all aspects of your central heating and domestic hot water can be controlled and programmed from the touch screen, which can be removed from the table-stand and used anywhere within range of the BDR91 relay. When combined with other Evohome products to reach its full potential, the Evohome Base pack can control six independent time and temperature settings across 12 separate zones within your home. These products, including the RFG100 mobile access kit and the HR924UK radiator multizone pack, can all be purchased from DHS.

The Y87RF2024 Single Zone thermostat pack contains everything needed to set up the single zone thermostat in your home and comes with the BDR91 wireless relay, the Y87RF wireless single zone thermostat and two AA batteries. This easy-to-use thermostat is pre-synced with the BDR91 for ease of installation and can also be used anywhere within range. Once the thermostat is connected, it is easy to control the heat in your home. Turning the outer shell of the control will raise or lower the heat as shown on the LCD screen. Also included on the screen, is a low battery indicator and a radio frequency signal bar to let you know if you are going out of range.

The Single zone thermostat can also be combined with the Evohome and can act in place of a DT92 wall sensor within an Evohome set up. There is also no need to purchase an additional BDR91, as there is one in the Single zone pack, and so are free to purchase the Evohome controller separately. This single zone thermostat, like the Evohome setup, can be used in conjunction with the RFG100.

The RFG100 warrants special attention as it unlocks one of the more unique features in both systems. After purchasing and installing the RFG100 wireless gateway, there is an option to control your home heating directly from your phone or tablet, through the use of the Total Connect Comfort app (available on Apple and Android devices) from anywhere with an internet connection. With the single zone thermostat, this addition gives you access to a seven-day, single zone heating schedule as well as manual activation and shut down of heating direct from your phone. If, however, you are an Evohome user, this addition will allow you to access all programmable options, as well as manual activation and shut down, from your phone.

The Honeywell TH9320WFV8004 Voice controlled thermostat is a seven-day programmable thermostat that offers a range of ways to control your home heating. It has a colour, touch screen interface, with the option to customise the display colour, which can be used to programme or manually set heating preferences within a single zone heating system. When the thermostat is connected to your home internet, the screen also displays the outside weather, the temperature and the weather forecast. If your thermostat is connected to the i

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