Trusted partnership delivers ideal solution for major engineering firm

The ICT team on-site

The ICT team on-site

After 45 years of operating the same heating system, an Eastbourne engineering company is expecting an energy efficiency increase of at least 20% thanks to the collaboration of Ideal Commercial Boilers and Independent Heating and Cooling.

When a global engineering firm’s factory boiler system started to leak and become costly to run and maintain, it enrolled Independent Heating and Cooling (IHC) to address the issue within an eight-week window.

Ideal Commercial carried out a pre-site check in order to identify the correct products for the job and consequently recommended five 150kW Evomax boilers, totalling 750kW.

The Evomax has the ability to modulate a 5:1 turn down as heat demands are reduced, the perfect solution for this particular application given the varying demands of the various factory zones.

Ideal Commercial’s typical Frame and Header kits offer in-line and back-to-back cascade options of up to six boilers with a combined capacity of up to 600 kW, offering the ability to install multiple boilers that deliver a higher output. In order to accommodate the higher output, Ideal Commercial supplied a bespoke header which made for a quicker installation process and therefore a more cost-effective solution.

IHC also developed a specialist, web-based controls system known as CO2vert which allows the building manager to control the system remotely. By integrating this with a highly efficient, modulated system it gives the business more flexibility in realising significant energy savings.

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