The ultimate UFH solution for renovations

Nu HeatThis year saw the release of a completely new concept in retrofit underfloor heating (UFH), LoPro Max.

The system was developed by Nu-Heat to overcome the main challenges of installing UFH in a renovation project or older building. Thanks to the high heat output that’s 50% higher than typical retrofit solutions, LoPro Max makes UFH a possibility for more properties than ever before – even those with lower levels of insulation or large amounts of glazing.

Breaking away from the majority of retrofit systems that use a pre-routed board, this is a wet solution that uses a castellated panel to hold the UFH tube in place before covering in a fast-drying, specialist self-levelling compound. It’s this compound that helps to give the system its heat output and quick response times, on par with a radiator.

The self-levelling compound means that LoPro Max leaves a floor finish ready for floor coverings after 72 hours with a total height build-up of just 22mm.

Nu-Heat designed LoPro Max with the aim of making installing UFH in a renovation easier than ever before.

Here’s a few features of LoPro Max that make installing UFH easy for you:

  • The robust castellated panels are simply laid directly over the existing floor
  • Panels can be cut to fit irregular rooms shapes and offer a flexible tube layout
  • Strong self-adhesive back simply secures the panels to the floor without the need for glue
  • The exact amount of LoPro QuickSet self-levelling compound is supplied with every system
  • Mixing LoPro QuickSet is easy for any installer – either use a drill paddle mixer or hire a mixer from a local merchant
  • For large areas covering a whole house, Nu-Heat offers a national network of compound contractors who can complete the compound element for you
  • And as always, Nu-Heat provides award-winning installation manuals and help through its tech line if needed

The majority of installers who work with UFH leave any screeding element to a contractor. With new LoPro Max, you can complete the entire install from start to finish, maximising the potential of the job.

The specialist self-levelling compound, LoPro QuickSet, is simple to mix and pour either by hand with a paddle mixer or with a forced action mixer, which can be hired cheaply from a local merchant.
The clear instructions make the compound easy to work with, stating how to mix each batch to the correct consistency.

And for projects that cover larger jobs, you can use a member of Nu-Heat’s national network of compound contractors.

LoPro Max is available in OneZone packs, ideal for kitchens and a wide range of single room applications, and also as a fully-designed solution for a whole house. Whichever option you choose, everything you need to install the system is included.

OneZone packs can be bought now direct from Nu-Heat’s webstore:
See why Nu-Heat developed LoPro Max and why installers and homeowners love the system by watching the video:

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