A simple solution

valorFor any social housing provider or homeowner looking to replace an outdated back-boiler with a modern heating system, Valor’s decorative spacer kits provide a compact solution that can cut costs and save space in the living room.

Back-boiler replacements remain commonplace particularly in the social housing sector, but in many properties it can leave unsightly openings when a new electric fire is installed.

The decorative spacer kit is available as an optional extra for Valor’s Balmoral and Savena range of Ecolite electric fires. The simple yet stylish kit fits to the back of the Ecolite fires, enabling them to become a standalone fire installed against a flat wall, without the need for a surround or back panel.

Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said:

“This is a very simple product, but it provides a solution to a common problem faced by many installers, particularly those working in the social housing sector.

“Replacing a back boiler system with a new electric appliance will often leave openings and the obvious solution is to choose an electric suite which will cover the gaps.

“This decorative spacer kit from Valor gives housing providers an alternative option to a suite, enabling them to opt for a standalone fire – particularly when space is at a premium.”

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