Easy fit lead-free flashings for boiler flues

The Haus Profi range of lightweight, coloured, lead-free flashings can seal all types of flue penetration through a roof.

With similar flexibility to lead and exceptional stretchability, Wakaflex is also ideal for roofing abutment work.

When stretched it retains its neat appearance even when formed over deeply profiled tiles. Wakaflex can be cut using either a knife or scissors and has a high strength butyl, self-adhesive backing, which normally needs no primer and provides immediate, lasting weatherproofing.

For overlap repairs, its backing ‘welds’ to the facing, guaranteeing they remain fully waterproof. BBA-certified, Wakaflex can be laid in long lengths without fixing clips.

EasyFlash is a lightweight universal flashing, which is stretchable by up to 60%. It moulds easily to the contours of the roof and is particularly effective with corner details. Sabetoflex provides the perfect collar and flashing combination for gas flue diameters from 100-160mm. They are adjustable and in conjunction with Wakaflex provide the ideal means of sealing plain tile and other double-lapped roofs.

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