Protecting property and possessions

Stuart TurnerWeather forecasters are predicting a wet winter to come this year and with statistics showing flood damage in the UK has increased year on year since 2000, unfortunately the need for people to protect their property from flood damage grows year on year too.

There are many products on the market and means with which to prevent flood water from entering the property, such as airbrick covers and door barriers, but what if the unthinkable happens? We’ve all seen the pictures of people mopping out, trying to save their possessions, or businesses, unable to operate because water managed to penetrate their premises. The new flood kit from Stuart Turner is simple yet very effective and could help minimise any damage from the potential risk of rising water, making it ideal for an emergency flood situation.

The kit contains a Supersub250VA submersible pump, which is capable of pumping solids up to 5mm and is supplied with an integral float switch. Also included is 15 metres of flexible and durable PVC, lay flat hose which when not in use by water pressure, can be rolled flat for easy storage, and a hose connector all contained within a reusable plastic mesh case which also acts as an additional filter.

Stuart Turner branded flood kits are available nationwide from your local plumbing merchant or stockist.

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