Pipe sealing plugs and stoppers launched

huntingdonThe pipestoppers division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has released a set of literature, describing its enlarged range of pipe sealing plugs and stoppers.

These accessories can be used for low pressure water or air testing of pipe systems in the water, gas, oil, and other fluid industry pipework, as well as for debris stopping during machining operations or overnight stopping for temporary closure of piping systems.

All plugs conform to British Standard BS8005 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes.

The mechanical plugs are simple to work with and install with a wing nut that rotates on a friction free washer to compress the two plates together, thus expanding the natural rubber tyre to seal tightly inside the pipe or other chosen orifice.

For high temperature and aggressive applications, the natural rubber rings can be replaced with silicon, nitrile, or viton rings as appropriate.

The aluminium range of plugs is strong and durable, non rusting and negatively buoyant so that it can be used subsea. It is available for 1.5 to 36″ pipe sizes, whereas the lower cost steel plugs are available from 1.5 to 96 inch diameter pipes.

However, the aluminium plugs are suitable for more arduous duties such as immersion in chemicals and use at higher temperatures.

All plugs and stoppers can be used to seal manholes or pipework entries so that during transportation of large vessels like fractionation columns or heat exchangers and other vessels or tanks, all entries and exits can be blocked off to keep inert gas trapped in or to keep contaminating air and fluids from entering.

The Nylon range with sizes from 0.5″ up to 6″ is used for clinical applications as well as in the food, dairy, nuclear, shipbuilding, aerospace, water and gas industries to form a leak tight seal inside tubes, pipes or orifices for leak testing, closure or weld purging.

Inflatable plugs and stoppers for all diameters are also in the HFT Pipestoppers range.

As well as being lower cost alternatives to all of the mechanical plugs, inflatable versions are available in many different shapes to cater for all industrial and commercial applications mentioned above.

Inflatable stoppers can be inserted through small holes and expanded to maximum sizes inside. Other plugs, stoppers and inflatable systems are available for use with – or containment of – drinking water and aviation fuel, for example, and can be used with all other fluids or gases as appropriate.

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