New trade buying group

Brimble Elton Enterprises, the innovative and forward-thinking independent heating merchants, have just launched a brand-new initiative – the BEE Trade Buying Group, available to everyone.

Responding to the needs of independent heating contractors, the BEE Trade Buying Group brings together these professional heating installation companies across the UK to provide a collective strength, purchasing power and knowledge base for all types of boilers, renewables, parts and materials used within the industry.

The BEE Trade Buying Group constantly negotiates with industry merchants and manufacturers on behalf of its members. This means that new avenues of rebate schemes are continuously opening and that the portfolio of products included in the discount structures is always expanding.

Companies joining the BEE Buying Group will benefit from group purchasing power, increased supplier discount levels, rebate schemes, higher margins and profits. It is a support package that lowers project material costs and works with members from tender stage through to delivery and after sales support.

There is a great incentive for contractors to become members of the BEE Buying Group. Importantly, existing relationships that a contractor has with merchants and manufacturer’s sales teams are improved by being part of the group and membership is entirely free of charge.