New SALUS Smart Home system heralds the dawn of a new era

SALUS Smart Home system
SALUS Smart Home system
SALUS Smart Home system

Heating controls specialist, SALUS, has taken its expertise and technology to a whole new level with the unveiling of a ‘Smart Home’ range of connected products that will enable homeowners to run their home simply from their phone.

At the centre of the SALUS Smart Home system is the Universal Gateway UG600 and Smartphone App that are required to control and monitor the system. Once up and running, users can quickly and easily connect a variety of devices that feature in the range such as smart plugs, door and window sensors, and an electric monitor that provides data on any particular product. A new iT530 thermostat, smoke alarm, carbon dioxide alarm, camera, smart switch and smart button are also set to join the range.

Products in the Smart Home range can operate independently, as a group of same products, or with other products in the range. For example, smart plugs can be set up as a group and connected to various lights in the home. When connected to the entrance door sensor, the lights can be set to switch on automatically once the entrance door is opened after a certain time in the evening. Likewise, door and window sensors can send alerts when a window or door is open. They can also be connected to the Smart Camera; enabling the user to view the property if an alert is raised and images will automatically be sent to the user’s Smart phone.

Commenting on this exciting launch, SALUS’ European managing director, Dean Jepson, said: “The launch of our Smart Home system well and truly heralds the dawn of a new era. The demand for home-connected devices is expected to soar over the next few years, as homeowners seek of peace of mind, convenience and control of their home environment.”

He continued: “The beauty of the SALUS Smart Home system is that the homeowner only needs to buy the gateway and they can then add more products further down the line. With SALUS set to launch more and more connected devices, it is just one small investment that can eventually turn a home into truly a smart home.”

What makes the SALUS Smart Home system different to any other is the way in which products can interact with each other. This is achieved by simply setting up ‘One Touch’ rules that are personalised to the user and that communicate with the products via the universal gateway. As such, the permutations for controlling devices within the home are endless.

At any time, users can press the ‘scan my home’ icon and quickly obtain an overview on every SALUS Smart Home product in their property. This is ideal for those occasions when the property is unoccupied. Also, if the user has the system installed in multiple properties, they can quickly view what is happening in each property by side swiping on the property picture. If an alert is triggered in a secondary property, this will come up on screen alerting the user.

A dedicated website has been launched to support this ground-breaking product launch. Visit: