New booster sets from armstrong fluid technology

Armstrong Fluid Technology has launched the new Design Envelope 6800G Boosters which are easier to install and commission, save space in the plantroom, and offer outstanding energy efficient performance across a wider operating range.

Bringing together the benefits of Armstrong’s Design Envelope control technology and high-efficiency IE5 rated motors, the new 6800G packaged booster range offers the contractor major advantages in installation savings and reduced commissioning time.

In addition, the integrated variable speed intelligence embedded in the controller optimises energy efficiency throughout the booster’s lifetime, delivering the building owner/occupier the best return on investment.

The new Armstrong Design Envelope 6800G Boosters address the water delivery challenges of high-rise buildings by combining Vertical Multi-stage pumps with advanced variable speed controls.

Supplied fully-assembled and integrated, Armstrong 6800G packaged booster sets can be configured with two, three, four or five pumps to suit the application. Product selection is simple and quick, with purpose-designed online selection software, along with a Return on Investment calculator tool to help contractors quantify savings for their customers based on actual project data.

Accurate assembly is guaranteed, as the boosters are manufactured by Armstrong’s own engineers, with product-specific fluid dynamics expertise underpinned by ISO quality procedures.

Designed using the last 3D computer modelling, the 6800G range offers minimal footprint, and typically delivers a space saving of around 25% over competing models, with mounting on a base-frame enabling easy lifting and positioning during installation.

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