Motorized zone and diverter valves

hortsmannThe reliability of Horstmann ZonePlus Z series motorized zone and diverter valves is making them the first choice for new installations, upgrades and maintenance replacements in Bournemouth Borough Council.

“Our housing stock consists of approximately 6,200 household properties plus a number of corporate buildings that we maintain and over the course of a year we would install approximately 300-400 Horstmann valves,” said Jamie Riggs, senior gas & plumbing supervisor for the Council.

“I specify the use of Horstmann valves, primarily because of cost, but also because the new valves are proving to be very reliable.”

ZonePlus Z Series motorised spring return zone and diverter valves were completely upgraded by Horstmann a few years ago and are now widely recognised for their reliability.

With the ZonePlus Z series, the aim was to make reliability the watchword for these products with mechanisms featuring high quality components and the drive provided by the proven and reliable Hansen Class F synchron motor.

There are three valves in the range – model Z222 and model Z228 are respectively 22mm and 28mm 2 port spring return valves and model Z322 is a 22mm 3 port mid position diverter valve.

The Z222 with auxiliary switch has been designed to control the water circulation in fully pumped systems, the Z228 with changeover auxiliary switch controls the water circulation in both gravity HW systems and larger fully pumped systems and the Z322 mid-position valve has been designed to control the water circulation in fully pumped systems employing a single pump for both hot water and central heating circuits.

The valves are all supplied with a 1.4m electrical connection cable (to accommodate easier installation in inaccessible areas) compression fittings and a removable quick change actuator. They are also covered by a two-year guarantee.

As well as Horstmann valves, Bournemouth Borough Council also uses Horstmann programmers for heating and hot water control in many of its properties.

“We use the ServicePlus programmer,” Jamie Riggs said.

“It’s a good, well designed programmer and is particularly well suited to applications in rented accommodation as it allows the service interval to be set after completion of the boiler service to alert after 12 months when the gas safety check is due.”

For those considering Horstmann as a viable supplier of valves and programmers for these applications, Jamie Riggs offers this advice:

“Look at reliability, cost, and the after sales service. All these factors are given to me by Horstmann and I have no reason to be looking at other products.”

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