Merging functionality and performance

mczMCZ, manufacture of fireplace stoves, fireplaces and stoves, has introduced a new collection of stoves featuring a Nordic taste in its clean and essential design. The Klin model will be available in sales outlets starting from September 2015 and features a design inspired by the historic heritage of Nordic design.

In 2014, Specflue became the sole distributor for their MCZ pellet appliances in the UK and Northern Ireland; with delivery from stock in 48 hours from the point of order.

Coupled with the pre-installation training, commissioning and after  sales support, Specflue offer a range of pellet stoves and biomass boilers to allow retailers the opportunity to sell well priced products to those homeowners looking to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Wide glass surfaces, which provide flashes of light and highlight the flame, significant thickness and absence of front ventilation grilles are the essential features of this new range. The absence of hot air outlet grilles, in particular, has by now become a sort of signature for the MCZ pellet range (Toba, Tube, Cap, Tray, Lam, Flux). It is a style choice, which involves an accurate technical analysis, able to assure the same heat distribution performance in an aesthetically cleaner and more streamlined form.

The Klin stove features a double glass front door, black cast iron brazier and solid sides, which may be in painted steel or serpentine stone. It has no front ventilation grilles, and heat is dissipated through extremely unobtrusive louvres in the upper part of the stove.

Klin stems from the framework of MCZ’s ongoing research into operation which is not merely performing, but comfortable and quiet as well.

With its 8kW of nominal power, Klin may be ducted through the patented Comfort Air system, in order to heat several rooms at the same time. Thanks to the No-Air feature, its two independent fans may be completely switched off to assure more discreet and quieter heat distribution. This feature has garnered much praise by end consumers: in fact, the user is able to choose when to heat more quickly by operating the fan and when to completely disable room ventilation and heat by natural convection. The No Air feature is available on all the most recent MCZ pellet models.

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