Makita makes work plane sailing

Makita has launched an exciting new range of products, including the DKP181 18V Brushless LXT Planer (82mm).

With a 12,000rpm brushless motor providing power equal to that of AC models, the DKP181 is a powerful cordless solution offering increased battery efficiency, designed for building and construction applications.

Its high cutting power provides up to 3mm max planing depth, a planing width of 82mm and a rebating depth of 25mm, ideal for shortening doors, ship-lapping or tapering mouldings.

For user comfort and flexibility, operators can precisely adjust the planing depth and manoeuvre around projects easily by diverting the wood chips either to the left or right, by adjusting the ejection cover plate to the preferred side. The planer offers easy chamfering with three chamfering grooves for different groove dimensions and positioning.

Featuring an electric blade brake to prevent user injury or damage to the workpiece, the blade rapidly stops after the trigger has been released, and the line-up includes model options fitted with Makita’s Auto-start Wireless System (AWS), which connects to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth to help minimise dust inhalation as well as keeping the workplace clean and tidy whilst working.

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