Kingspan adds to its range of hot water cylinders…

Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Plus
Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Plus

The Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Plus is the latest addition to the company’s range of stainless steel unvented hot water cylinders.

Made from high-grade engineering materials such as duplex stainless steel, with tried and-tested components such as valves, control sets and thermostats, the Ultrasteel name is known to installers and homeowners for its outstanding quality, straightforward functionality and reliability.

Quick recovery coils mean homeowners have low reheat times for the fast availability of hot water. The high flow rates are perfect for multiple bathrooms and energy-efficient insulation keeps running costs low. With a choice of three models available – for Direct, Indirect or Solar Indirect heat sources – homeowners can choose the model that suits them, regardless of their current heating system.

The new Ultrasteel Plus series has the thermal expansion space built-in. This results in simpler installation, maintenance and makes the most efficient use of a customer’s airing cupboard or loft space. With no need for an external expansion vessel, an average of two metres of copper tube can be saved per job, and up to 20 minutes on the time it takes for a typical retrofit installation.

Ultrasteel Plus units can be sited almost anywhere in the home. The side-mounted hot water outlet gives greater flexibility to the homeowner, as the cylinder can be installed under shelving or other equipment. The cylinder, available in sizes from 120 to 300 litres, can supply outlets both above and below its location as long as an adequate and reliable mains water supply is available and are compatible with gas, electric or oil fired boilers fitted with an integral control thermostat and cut out.

Confident that the Kingspan Albion brand can build on its outstanding sales record and accelerate incremental growth in the cylinder market, Neil Overton, commercial director, said: “Together, Ultrasteel and Ultrasteel Plus provide a complete mid to premium range offer at attractive price points.

Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel comes highly recommended by UK installers who are confident in Kingspan quality and product support. The introduction of Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Plus clearly improves the range architecture in terms of features and benefits and gives our customers the opportunity to trade up homeowners to a better hot water system with a market leading product.”