Introducing the new iBoost

The flomate iBoost
The flomate iBoost
The flomate iBoost

has extended the range of flomate mains boost pumps with the introduction of the new flomate iBoost.


The flomate iBoost has been developed for larger domestic properties which have significant water pressure and flow demands. This new fully integrated package combines a 200 litre cold water break tank which overcomes restricted mains water flow and a high performance multi-stage pump to dramatically boost pressure. The flomate iBoost is capable of delivering water at pressures up to 4.5 bar and peak flow rates in excess of 100 litres per minute. In normal use, the system will deliver 60 litres per minute at three bar which is adequate for four showers each delivering a more than satisfactory 15 litres per minute.


Designed for use in conjunction with the latest high-flow combination boilers and pressurised hot water cylinder systems, the iBoost features a high gloss white front panel and won’t look out of place if standing among other appliances in a kitchen, utility room or garage. Alternatively, being less than 540mm wide and not requiring the large ventilation clearance gaps associated with some systems, it can be concealed within a 600mm width cabinet.


The pump itself is an exceptionally reliable, vertically mounted, multi-stage unit, featuring brass and stainless steel construction and a smooth running, induction motor rated for continuous operation. The control panel on the front of the unit features clearly visible power and status indicators in addition to a reset button which protects the unit if the mains water supply is interrupted or disconnected for any reason.


The water tank features a high recovery rate, low noise fill valve, capable of refilling the tank quickly and quietly – around 20 litres per minute at a mains water pressure of just one bar.
An integral eight litre pressure accumulator reduces the number of times that the pump needs to start, maximising its working life and minimising household disturbance if a tap is turned on briefly at night time.


Flomate iBoost makes the installers life easier too. A central aperture allows good access to the mains water and pressurised water outlet connections, enabling those connections to be made after having moved the unit into its final position. A modular quick-release pump assembly takes the strain out of maintenance and a conveniently located drain-cock simplifies periodic draining and flushing of the water tank.


The iBoost complies with all current water regulations and is CE compliant. It is manufactured from WRAS approved materials and as with the rest of the Stuart Turner Flomate range, it’s supplied with an industry leading three year guarantee as standard and is fully supported by our PumpAssist technical team.