Innovation at the heart


AlphaWith the Energy-rated Products (ErP) directive coming in this month, Alpha’s new InTec2 range of residential boilers has been designed accordingly. The new ErP compliant models consist of the InTec2 XE, with two output options, the InTec2 CE (three output options) and the InTec2 SE (two output options).

Designed for homeowners and installers, the entire InTec2 range is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, offering customers the perfect option when space is limited.

The boilers also feature a new and improved heat exchanger, which has been designed as a one-piece casting with larger waterways and lower overall water content. It delivers faster warm-up and with better circulation is more resistant to overheating and blockages.

With advanced combustion management, the gas flow is controlled and adjusted as needed, resulting in improved energy efficiency. The gas adaptive valve also enables each boiler to work with either natural gas or LPG. One single electrode lights the boiler and senses the flame, all the time feeding information back to the gas valve via the printed circuit board.

A backlit LCD control panel provides detailed heating and hot water information.

The majority of the boilers’ components that could need attention during a service are situated at the front of the boiler so they can be accessed and, if necessary, changed more easily. What’s more, with dry-change NTCs there is no need to drain the boiler before changing them, again saving time during servicing.

Alpha’s InTec C premium boiler, which is also ErP compliant, has been updated to include a modulating high efficiency pump and a ‘premium’ features, such as a seasonality valve, isothermic stainless steel heat exchanger and low electrical consumption. Available in two outputs, a seven-year guarantee is offered.

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