Hidealoo launches space changing folding toilet bracket


Hidealoo’s discreet moveable frame makes the installation of toilets in small and hard to fit spaces easy.

The steel mechanism allows a toilet to be swivelled 90º meaning it can be hidden inside a cavity wall or cabinet. As well as creating more flexible floor space and additional counter areas, this gives greater options for installations within homes where adding a new bathroom may not otherwise be possible. For example, allowing a toilet to be fitted within a utility room cupboard, bedroom wardrobe, or underneath loft eaves.

The frame is manufactured in Britain and works with any standard UK wall hung ceramic pan and 110mm waste pipe. It has been tested to hold 400kg in weight and successfully operated through over 250,000 cycles.

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Email contact@hidealoo.com, call +44 (0)1420 557564 or visit www.hidealoo.com

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