Heatrae Sadia Hi-Max Instant ID launched

heatraeManufacturer of electrical heating products, Heatrae Sadia, is extending its product range with the launch of a new heat interface unit (HIU).

The Hi-Max Instant ID provides central heating and domestic hot water to individual dwellings, which are served by either a district heating scheme or a centralised boiler system.

A first for the brand, the launch is designed to respond to an increasing demand for HIUs, also known as ‘heat boxes’, which can help designers and specifiers meet ‘zero carbon’ development by 2016.

Traditionally, multiple dwelling developments have been fitted with individual combi boilers, which are a good fit for the size and heating demands of the property. However, in this type of property, several individual installations can lead to a number of issues in the long term – including a need for several flue terminals, a legal requirement to carry out annual servicing (often thwarted by lack of access to the property), and a loss of control when it comes to temperature settings – which could make the scheme inefficient. Equally several individual boilers can be a barrier to fitting the centralised system with renewable energy technologies.

Comprising two plate heat exchangers – one for the hot water, and one for the apartment heating system – the Hi-Max Instant ID is designed to ensure that the primary return temperatures going back to the district heating system are low, helping the central zero or low carbon technology to work efficiently.

It delivers and can record heat used by each dwelling via a heat meter, acting as a localised control and meter in one. That means landlords can take energy readings remotely, which is a popular choice for councils. What’s more, the HIU can be installed in the dividing wall between the dwelling and landlord space, meaning easy access for inspection.

Units come complete with a factory set of 50ºC for domestic hot water and 60ºC for the heating circuit, standardising usage for tenants. A first fix rail means installers can minimise risk of damage or theft by completing the installation of the interface unit only at property handover.

A two speed pressure independent controller output prevents overshoot of the temperature set point, ensuring a more stable control of temperature, and an integral pulsed bypass function kicks in during periods of no heating to ensure that the HIU is quick to respond when it is eventually used.

Ian Lock, at Heatrae Sadia, said:

“We’re excited to be adding to our product range with a new line in heating interface units.

“The Hi-Max Instant ID brings together our expertise in electrical heating solutions to offer specifiers and designers greater choice in what is a growing market.

“Together with installers and landlords, they are under increasing pressure to source solutions that satisfy zero or low carbon requirements, while being the right choice for the end-user.


“In designing the Hi-Max we have taken all four links in the chain into account, and as a result have produced a unit that hits the mark in terms of both regulation and functionality.”

Other product features include:

• Compact design, which can fit a standard kitchen cupboard

• Low energy pump

• Suitable for single and dual zone heating systems

• Fully modulating pressure independent flow control technology f

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