Form meets function with new TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal

TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal combines style and function
TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal combines style and function
TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal combines style and function
TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal combines style and function

Public washrooms must be able to withstand intensive and often heavy-handed use.

However, this is often at the expense of aesthetics, with function taking precedence over form.

DELABIE’s TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal seeks to redress this balance. Specifically developed for the commercial sector, this new electronic urinal combines design and functionality. Fully WRAS approved, it also promotes good washroom hygiene.

Attractive products and well-maintained fixtures with clean, bright surfaces are more likely to elicit respect and care from users. The engineers at DELABIE made design a key priority for the TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal. The wall plate is compact and discreet with a timeless design. Its smooth surface limits the build-up of dirt and facilitates cleaning, maintaining an attractive appearance.

In the non-domestic sector urinals subject to intensive use must be fit for purpose. TEMPOMATIC 4 is fully recessed with all the sensitive elements completely concealed from the user behind the shock-resistant wall plate. A sensor detects the user and rinses the urinal bowl automatically when the user leaves, with no manual contact required. This also has a hygienic benefit, reducing the spread of germs by hand. A duty flush every 24 hours after the last use also ensures that the pipework is flushed to prevent urine crystallisation, blockages or vacuums.

Reducing water consumption in commercial washrooms is an ongoing concern and the TEMPOMATIC 4 features an “intelligent” urinal valve able to detect high-frequency periods and adapt its rinsing accordingly. During peak periods, only the bowl is rinsed between two users, reducing water consumption. At the end of the busy period, a complementary rinse takes place to rinse the bowl completely.

Design should not come at the expense of practical issues such as installation. The TEMPOMATIC 4 is available in two kits which facilitate installation. A pre-assembled first fix kit means that the housing can be installed and water connections made, system purged and wall finish completed during the first fix. The second kit includes the sensitive elements (solenoid valve, filter and electronic unit) which are replaced by a temporary casing during commissioning. Once the system has been purged and the wall finish completed, the flush valve can be installed during the second fix.

There are multiple installation options for the waterproof housing: fixing via the sides onto plasterboard rails, from the front onto a solid wall, or from the rear onto a panel. The housing can be cut to size to fit wall finishes up to 120mm such as bricks or breeze blocks, for commercial installations subject to high levels of vandalism. A waterproof seal is integrated into the collar and the housing for the TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal is cut to size in front of the collar, ensuring a perfect seal.

DELABIE’s new electronic, recessed urinal provides the perfect solution for commercial washrooms that accommodate high user turn-over. TEMPOMATIC 4 will withstand intensive use, while optimising water consumption and maintaining hygiene standards. Available in four stylish finishes, its design also facilitates its installation and regular upkeep.