Finding a solution to low mains water pressure is easy…

Flomate 60_200_Colour WaterdropStuart Turner has increased its range of Flomate mains boost pumps. In addition to the existing 60 litre capacity model introduced earlier this year, it has added 80, 100, 200 and 300 litre options providing water pressure boosting solutions for any size property.

By supplementing the water pressure boosting performance of the original Flomate pump with the supply from the pressurised water vessel, the patented Flomate mains boost extra’ pumps provide a consistent flow of water and increased water pressure to a property, boosting multiple outlets simultaneously such as taps, baths and showers. Ensuring householders have the ability to store water at pressure to meet peak demand.

The 60 and 80 litre versions will sit neatly within a standard 500mm kitchen base unit and deliver up to 16 litres per minute at 3.0 bar pressure. The 100,  200 and 300 litre versions are designed to sit within a standard 600mm larder style cupboard and provide up to 30 litres per minute at 3.0 bar pressure, depending on the pressure vessel variant, to multiple outlets within the property.

Supplied with a three-year guarantee, they provide a fully assembled and tested solution and tested solution for any sized property.

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