Dudley’s flushplates, buttons and touch-free sensors…

Thomas Dudley’s wide range of flush plates and dualflush buttons

Thomas Dudley’s wide range of flush plates and dualflush buttons

The market-leading Dudley range of bathroom products offers a wide range of flush plates, dualflush pushbuttons and touch-free sensors, that are suitable for both domestic bathrooms and commercial washrooms.

Reef and coral flush plates both present a chrome plated finish and are compatible with furniture and tiles. Dudley also offers dualflush pushbuttons such as the round Dio and square Piazza which can be positioned up to 750mm from the cistern.

A new addition to this range includes Wave S3, which is attractively styled, simple to install and set-up and has been designed to reduce water consumption while offering a modern, touch-free alternative to traditional flush plates. It is interactive and indicates with three colour modes when full or reduced flushes are being delivered and when the cistern is refilling.

Dudley’s popular Electroflo range encompasses infra-red WC flushing, urinal controls and taps which have been developed to save water and maintain hygiene. The WC sensor comes in either stainless steel or chrome plated. To add, it provides a perfect solution to areas whereby a hygienic touch-free sensor may be required.

The UK based manufacturer’s extensive portfolio of water-saving products under the Dudley brand also includes Vantage and Miniflo concealed cisterns that offer 6/4, 5/3 or 4/2.6 litre dualflush to maximise water efficiency. Both products are approved by the European Water Label Scheme and the full range of flush plates, buttons and sensors can be utilised with these cisterns. For more information on Dudley’s full product range, please visit