Craft beer company chooses cool-fit to help control brewing process

The Fourpure Brewing Co turned to GF Piping Systems
The Fourpure Brewing Co turned to GF Piping Systems

A rapidly growing craft beer specialist has chosen the COOL-FIT 2.0 system, manufactured and supplied by GF Piping Systems, to carry coolant around its main building in Rotherhithe, South-east London.

GF’s COOL-FIT 2.0 range offers the speed and versatility of a three-in-one system for the circulation of chilled water or other low temperature liquids.

The adaptability is matched by excellent energy conservation characteristics, as well as ease of installation and total corrosion resistance.

Pipes range from 32-140 mm in diameter and are tested to 16 bar, while the installed weight is as little as one sixth that of metal alternatives. The benefits extend from 25% higher energy efficiency to being 50% faster to fit, they also offer excellent chemical resistance and reduced maintenance requirements.