Corrosion inhibitor now available in larger packs for greater economy

DM Concentrate for PR May 2015
The SYSTEMSAFE-DM Concentrate corrosion inhibitor is now available in larger packs

Power flushing specialist, Kamco, has responded to demand from customers to make SYSTEMSAFE-DM Concentrate corrosion inhibitor available in larger packs for speed and convenience when treating larger heating systems.

The new 2½ litre ‘Five pack’ contains enough corrosion inhibitor to treat a heating system with more than 40 radiators, and the new ten litre value pack will treat 2,000 litres of heating or cooling system water. The reduction in packaging costs has been passed on to customers to give them useful savings and lower treatment costs.

The 2½ litre packs have a clear strip down the front marked in steps of 500ml, so engineers can accurately decant the chemical into smaller packs when treating smaller systems.

SYSTEMSAFE-DM Concentrate is a balanced blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors that has passed the Buildcert/DWTA performance classification, and can be guaranteed to give effective protection, as required by BS7593 and Part L of the Building Regulations.

It gives complete protection against corrosion, sludge and scale formation in heating systems, preventing internal pitting and galvanic corrosion, which can lead to pin-hole corrosion and leaks. The formation of black iron oxide sludge, which accumulates in low flow areas to give flow problems and cold spots on radiators, is also prevented.

SYSTEMSAFE-DM Concentrate quickly disperses throughout the heating system and extends system life, while maintaining operational efficiency to minimise fuel costs.

It may be used with all metals commonly used in heating systems, including steel, cast iron, brass, copper and aluminium.

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